Finding A Local Electrician in Nottingham

Inviting a local tradesman in to your home or business can be a daunting task especial a tradesman that can provide the service you need and look after your home or business  with the respect it deserves. There are many factors to concentrate on when picking a tradesman such as review trade associations

But finding the right tradesman need not be a hard task if you follow the following advice

  • Remember to be clear about what you want and always ask for a written quotation.
  • Ask for references, a good electrician will not hesitate to provide them.
  • Check that they are registered with a reputable body, don’t just take their word for it
  • Ask the electricians to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and enquire as to whether they have a complaints resolution process
  • Ask if they offer an insurance- backed warranty.
  • If you are not employing the electrician directly but through a main contractor/builder, then we would still recommend that you check the electrician’s credentials by following points 3 – 5 above. If you have to request the information via your main contractor/builder do not be afraid to ask for more than verbal assurances as these will not provide you with any recourse if the electrician turns out to be a rogue electrician.
  • Avoid dealing in cash as it is easy to lose track of what you have paid. Pay by cheque or card and always ask for a receipt.

During the work

  • If you do need to make changes, confirm these with the electrician in writing.
  • If you have any concerns/queries talk to the electrician straight away. Make it clear exactly what you are concerned/unhappy about.
  • If you are unable to resolve any issues with the electrician or the company who employ them, contact the organisation they are registered with, as they will be able to advise you and will work with both parties to try and reach a solution.

After the work is completed

  • Where required, the electrician should provide you with an electrical installation certificate which will confirm that the work carried out meets the UK Technical Standard, BS 7671. (this should be issued relatively quickly)
  • If the electrical work carried out is covered under Building Regulations, you should receive a certificate to confirm that the work also complies with the applicable Building Regulations. (this can take some time to arrive)
  • Once you have received the certificate(s) relating to the electrical work ensure you put them in a safe place as you may need to provide them as proof that you have had electrical work carried out, especially if you decide to sell the property in the future.

10 warning signs to spot a rogue electrician

The rogue electrician:

  • Avoids giving references
  • Only supplies a mobile no. and there is no address on their letterhead/business card.
  • Will always offer to the job ‘cheaper for cash’
  • Says they can start tomorrow – a registered electrician is usually booked up well in advance.
  • Will not provide a written quote or confirm anything in writing.
  • Tells the customer they are approved by an organisation that has never heard of them.
  • Tells the customer not to worry about the details of the job.
  • Confuses the customer with jargon and complicated explanations.
  • Cannot give a specific cost for materials or labour.
  • Provides a quote that is surprisingly low – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

With pro-lec Electrical you will get

  • A Company that is Fully insured with more cover than the industry norm
  • Staff that undergo continual training
  • Past and Current Clients that are happy to talk about their experience with us
  • A company that will issue the relevant paperwork on completion of your project
  • A company who when things go wrong take responsibility and put things right
  • A company who stick to the quoted price as long as the job hasn’t changed
  • A company that will only ever take a deposit until the job is completed
  • A company that offers a Six Year Insurance Backed Warrantee on all installation work
  • A team of Staff that are only too happy to answer your queries and concerns

If you need any more assistance in choosing a trades man then I am here for you and more than happy to answer any questions please contact me, Adam Hearson

I look forward to being of assistance to you

Proud to be You Reliable and Trustworthy Electrician in LongEaton

A strange title you may feel but to me this is an all encompassing statement and one which hopefully every electrician will say. But does their work and standards reflect how proud they say they are.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again that every electrician is different. Unfortunately no electrician is exactly the same and therefore it is important that as the customer, you know what will work best for you. Let me explain in more detail.

Think here qualifications and experience. Some electricians have trained and qualified as an electrician by undertaking an apprenticeship, others have taken a theoretical based college or university courses and others have taken short training courses. Whichever route they have taken, it means they are qualified to carry out work in your home (providing they hold the certification of course.)

I carried out an apprenticeship to become an electrician. 11 years later I’m still here, but I never feel like I know everything. There is always something new to learn. Next week is National Apprenticeship Week, this is a great event that promotes the value of apprenticeships to both students and employers. I still believe that apprenticeships are the way to go, I’ve not nothing against the guys who train via other methods, its just that I genuinely believe that there is no better way to train than by shadowing an experienced electrician, whilst earning money (ok not a fortune, but not having to pay for the training either) with the higher possibility of a job at the end.

In todays climate, any young person considering an apprenticeship should be encouraged all the way. It is all too easy to sell ‘quick fixes’ but for me experience and knowledge should be embraced and this cannot happen without learning – not only great things, but also from mistakes which inevitably happen along the way. I’m just glad I was not ‘out on my own’ when these mistakes occurred, I had the benefit of a fully qualified and experienced electrician to help me rectify and learn from them.

As a result of my apprenticeship I then gained my experience by working with other electricians. I learnt the best methods of working, how to produce exemplary work, how to select and use the best materials. Above all I learnt the art of customer satisfaction – a customer who is happy to pay for the work, and I leave in the knowledge my work is safe and to the high standard expected.

So why did I set up Kent Electrics? Simply because I wanted to do more. I didn’t lack skills, knowledge nor experience, and I certainly didn’t do it for an easier life (I work harder than ever running my own ship) I did it because I’m PROUD.

Proud of making each and every customer feel important, ensuring that each and every job no matter how small ensures customer satisfaction, outstanding customer service and never ever sitting back. Yes I am an electrician like all the others out there, I’m proud of my training and experience and I hope my customers are too.

Who would you want working in your home?

Choose youur reputable reliable local electrician

COVID 19 Update

As your trusted electrician in long Eaton, Nottingham we pride our selves on working to ensure you electrical safety as well as the safety of you in your own home, because of this all of our engineers have partaken the PREVENTING COVID 19 course and will adhere to these standards,

we are implementing new ways of working in your home by reducing our contact, we are aiming to provide nearly 90 percent of our quote visits via video call we are also offering a advice and try and remedy your issues over the phone without a visit where possible, this is a free service,

where possible for smaller jobs we are eliminating the need to be in the same area advising customers to keep their distance, and where possible be in another room or vacate the house for daily exercise where possible, where these are not possible we are fully equipped with PPE to carry out the task at hand and ensure both our engineers and customers safety

finally we will keep all of our customers up to date on our social media platforms and hope to keep disruption to our services to a minimum


Your fuse board, or to give it the proper name your Consumer Unit, Is the electrical hub of your home. It distributes electricity to your lights, plug sockets, oven etc if working correctly It should protect your cables from overload. This gives you and your family protection from serious shock or electrical fire. However, most people never give it a second thought. I often hear people say ‘It worked fine, so we just left it alone’ or in some cases the home owner doesn’t even know where it is. It is important to maintain your electrical installation and a functioning and safe fuse board goes a long way to doing this. You can book a free visual inspection of your fuse board with pro-lec electrical Nottingham.

How do you know if you need a fuse board upgrade?

– Age– If your fuse board has not been changed in twenty years then it is likely not compliant with current standards and may not provide you with basic protection. Technology and safety associated with consumer units has also moved on massively in the last thirty years from both the perspective of shock and fire protection and also the ease of use for the homeowner.

– Does your consumer unit have an RCD or Residual Current Device? (switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions) Most modern consumer units should have and this single device massively increases the safety of your home electrics.

– Live parts exposed– Are the working parts, fuses, or circuit breakers enclosed or are parts of the board exposed? It’s surprising how many fuse boards we come across with fuse holders or blanking plates missing leave live parts exposed to touch.

– Fire Risk. As mentioned above, is your fuse board constructed of wood or plastic? If it is then it may not meet fire regulations.

A little about me

Hello I am Adam from Pro-lec electrical contractors, I am based in long Eaton Nottingham we cover the length and breath of the East Midlands and cover domestic and commercial works.

I have set this buisness up to help home owners and business owners receive the help advice and service they deserve, the days of electricians not turning up,over charging and under delivering are long gone,

Electrical inspection

Electrical installation conditioning report

You cannot see electricity. Cables are usually hidden inside our walls, and consumer units are often hidden in cupboards, so it is not surprising that we forget to check the condition of our electrical installation for damage or wear and tear.

Faulty and old wiring is one of the main causes or electrical fires in the home. You can reduce the risk of a fire by checking the condition of your cables, switches, sockets and other accessories regularly.

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electrician in long eaton 
registered electrician 
landlords electrical inspection
typical installation dating back to the 1980s

How old is my electrical installation?

Clear signs that can help you tell the age of equipment in the electrical installation in your home include:

  • Fixed cables coated in black rubber (stopped being used in the 1960s).
  • Fixed cables coated in lead or fabric (used before the 1960s).
  • A fuse box with a wooden back, cast iron switches, or a mixture of fuse boxes (used before the 1960s).
  • Older round pin sockets (or light switches), braided flex hanging from ceiling roses, brown (or black) switches, or sockets mounted in or no skirting boards (used before the 1960s).
  • Light switches on the walls or in bathrooms (used before the 1960s).

However old your electrical installation is, it may get damaged and will suffer from wear and tear. So you should get an electrician to check its condition at least every 10 years or when you move into a new property.

What is the aim of a condition report?

The five main aims of a condition report are:

  1. Record the results of the inspection and testing to make sure the electrical installation is safe to be used until the next inspection (following any work needed to make it safe)
  2. Find any damage and wear and tear that might affect safety, and report it
  3. Find any parts of the electrical installation that do not meet the IET Wiring Regulations
  4. Help find anything that may cause electric shocks and high temperatures
  5. Provide and important record of the installation at the time of the inspection, and for inspection testing in the future.

 Types of condition report

 In general, there are two types of domestic electrical installation condition report:

  • Visual condition report – this does not include testing and is only suitable if the installation has been testing recently.
  • Periodic inspection reports – this is what we would normally recommend, as it tests the installation and would find any hidden damage.

            And EICR is like an mot for your home electrics it start with a visual inspection that give me a quick indication in to the condition of sockets switches and wiring that can be seen. Also all of the switches and sockets within your home will be removed to check this condition. A full test on the whole installation will be carried out ensuring cabling is safe the correct size and fit for purpose.

            Your EICR report will grade the findings with the following code




It is recommended that at a minimum that c1 and c2 are completed to obtain a satisfactory certificate

We will provide you with following after completing your

  • A 3 part comprehensive report on the current snapshot condition of your electrics
  • A written quotation for any necessary works needed to be carried out to improve your safety
  • Guarantee of works for 7 years
  • Peace of mind knowing that your electrics have been checked to a professional standard

Protect you and your family from unsafe electrics with an Electrical Survey for just £100.00. Call Adam a Professional Electrical Inspector on 07477167510 to book yours in today.